Monday Motivation – Unlearn and Unleash your progress

The time is now to unlearn and unleash our progress.  Let us be good magnets that attracts good energies; that will inspire and push us to new heights.

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Answers to what hinders our success are written all over our failure. Revisit your failure you might find the right answers. Every failure have a lesson that it teaches, we just have to pay attention. Sometimes all you need is to unlearn everything that you once thought was right,  to realise your dreams.

To get a cure for every sickness the doctors will have to run a number of tests to detect the cause. After the diagnosis it is then that they will prescribe a medication.  Similar to our challenges and tribulations that we face daily.  We seek solutions by introspection trying to detect the causes of our failure irrespective of the field or situation. Even though people know what transpires, it seems to be hard to refrain from stuff that hinders their progress.

We mustn’t ignore the symptoms of the diagnosis appearing on a number of occasions. Most people are suffering from a wrong prescription of their shortcomings. Hence excessive of motivational talks, books and workshop’s are not of any help.  One of the hardest pill to swallow is admitting to our shortcomings and mistakes considering the efforts put into the course.

However it’s never too late to unlearn/offload all the burden that doesn’t get us anywhere. Friends, family members, books and activities that doesn’t add value to your being shouldn’t make it to your priority list nor to your life.  There are great motivational speaker pouring they heart out on every videos and audios but unfortunately they fall on an infertile minds filled with negative thoughts and lack of motivation.  It is high time we unlearn all the stuff that occupies valuable space in our minds.