Music: “Cousin JMF” making waves in South Africa Hip Hop Industry

Born and raised in Germany, but now living in South Africa, artist Cousin JMF is making serious waves in the South African Hip Hip and Rap music industry. Check out his interview here.

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Cousin JMF is a renowned self- made artist who is on a journey to fulfill what is a dream to him and sharing his passion of music to the world. Our local music editor at The Bizniz Blog, Basetsana Ramokoka had a chance to sit down and interview him and she picked up the following non edited facts about him and his story.

Who is Cousin JMF as an artist as well as a person?

As an artist, I am hard to define. I come from a hard street rap background, but also do RnB or play acoustic guitar songs today. As a person I am very driven and don’t like to swim with the crowd, that’s why I never sound like any other artist. Originality and innovation goes for me over everything.

How was the transition from Germany to South Africa?

Actually I am still jumping between the two countries. So I am a German artist as well as a South African artist. It’s not easy to live in 3 cities, but I think as an artist it is not a good thing to settle. Life needs to stay unpredictable and diverse.

It is to my believe that the song “if I ruled the world” by Nas and Lauren hill ignited your passion for music even further could you please elaborate more?

It was more a moment of awareness, in which I felt the power of that song and the influence of Hip Hop in my life. The way I could relate to the Hip Hop culture. It was more about the energy of the song, I mean there is a lot of power and feeling in the voices of Lauren Hill and Nas. It wasn’t the lyrics themselves, because my English wasn’t that good back then.

The Bizniz Blog, Music, Artist, Interview, Cousin JMF, Exclusive, Entertainment

What would you say has been your highlights since 2013 when you moved here?

My life is constantly on the move, it’s very busy and no week is like the other. It is hard to point out the highlights. Maybe the moments when I felt that I found a new home or that being at the beach became a normal thing on my life. Because where I am from, It’s kind of a dream being able to live in a warm country at the ocean. When it comes to music, I think releasing my first song in English. But I could go on like that from memory to memory, there are so many. I feel blessed at the moment.

Tell us more about your company “Black skyline” and how you juggle being a video producer/director/photographer?

Well all things got added now on top of my music artist life. But for me it makes sense. I have constantly had to be creative, if I am not, then I feel depressions coming. So I rather do too much then having free time. I always want to create and build things. So it is nice to have myself as a brand, plus Black Skyline.

I will launch the first season of my video series “Sky is the limit” in this month of July. It will be a series of music videos with artists such as Pappy Thrill, Youngstacpt, Wavewade and myself. It is something new for the South African Hip Hop scene. It will be very dope.

Any future collabos we should look towards and with whom?

I have recorded a lot of collaborations and still get a lot of requests. But not all of them will make it to the public. But I got some hits ready to go. But my solo songs are in the focus. I don’t really need other artists to fill up my songs.

The Bizniz Blog, Music, Artist, Interview, Cousin JMF, Exclusive, Entertainment

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