Music Feature: “Lexc Love” exclusive Interview and artist review

She’s one of the up and coming artists to look out for. A Career woman, wife and mother; Lexc from the USA. Who run the world? Girls! Lexc is definitely inspiration to all women out there and is testament to the fact that you can pursue all your dreams if you are determined and disciplined enough.

Lexc Love, Music Artist, Feature, Interview, Kathleen Keshebang, Exclusive

Our local blogger and editor Kathleen Keshebang had a chance to sit down and interview the international artist Lexc Love. It is not every day that I get to interview an international artist and it was such a pleasure. She was prompt and down to earth, which is so refreshing.

Here are a few questions just to get us acquainted

  • Who is Lexc?

LexC is an American Pop entertainer, girl next door, but with edge and sex appeal. She’s unpredictable, but focused and believes in finishing no matter the challenge. She motivated by reaching goals, and inspiring others to keep going.

  • How did you get into the music industry?

I was originally a professional dancer, but my ultimate dream was to be a pop artist. I would touch here and there with music, but finally decided it was time to stop being scared and go for it. It was a natural transition just quit dancing cold turkey and started developing musically.

  • You used to be a professional dancer? How do you think this experience has helped you thus far?

The experience as a professional dancer helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t be the artist I am without. It gave me vision of a complete show from a movement, lighting, and visual standpoint. It allowed me to work hands on and create from a dancer/choreographers view. Now as an artist I am fully involved, I knew what I wanted. In addition the training is unmatched, I can keep up with my dancers.

Lexc Love, Music Artist, Feature, Interview, Kathleen Keshebang, Exclusive

  • Why did you feel that venturing into music was the next step in your life and career?

I just knew it was time, I was unfulfilled as just a dancer. When I transitioned  and got more comfortable I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I finally feel complete.

  •  Your song “Bad boy good” is your upcoming debut single right? I heard the preview on your instagram page,when will it be released?

It will be released by fall (Keep following The Bizniz Blog for further details)

  •  Talking about Instagram, where else can we find you on social media?

I have a twitter page and Facebook, Lexclove…not as active on those but I will get better 🙂

  •  Social media is such a huge platform for artists of all kinds now. How are you leveraging off of this and how has it helped your career?

I try to take advantage, although there is so much to keep up with it gets hard. I have gotten a lot of great opportunities, shows, fans, bookings, sponsors….when used right it’s a blessing.

  • Can you please describe your sound to us

I would definitely say it’s a blend of new and familiar. A little bit of everything. Pop, with urban elements.

Lexc Love, Music Artist, Feature, Interview, Kathleen Keshebang, Exclusive

  • I enjoyed the cover that you did by Bruno Mars 24k Magic and I could tell that you enjoyed doing the cover as well. 

Aww thank you I did, first cover and just kinda free styled it and had fun!

  • I am a style/fashion writer. So I have to ask, how would you describe your fashion sense and who or what inspires it?

Umm…I would definitely say wholesome, but sexy. I’m inspired by how I feel as a woman. Confident, Empowered, Go Go getter, Big Dreamer. There definitely has to be a sense of respect for myself , yet I have to own it no matter what. I am inspired  occasionally by those who trailed before me ….. Tina, Madonna, Britney, Janet, Jlo etc

  •  What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

Ugh… Honestly I try to steer away from the trends and do the opposite.

  • How does fashion influence your music?

It’s more of the other way around…However I feel in my music it will transcend in my fashion.

Lexc Love, Music Artist, Feature, Interview, Kathleen Keshebang, Exclusive

  • Describe your typical day

Typical day lol….I have no days…wake up between 5-7 am pray, sit in silence…wake my husband /the kids up, cook breakfast get everyone dressed…. read the bible/pray as a family ( regular mom/wife duties.) Than from there depending on my weeks agenda will take care of all the business/administration needs for both music/ our family business until about 4-5….than cook dinner around 5:30 and tend to my children. Once they are sleep get back to business. ( Try to balance real life as much as possible)

  • Have you been given any advice that you will hold close while venturing into music?

Not that I can think of, but I do try to study and observe as much as possible.

Thank you very much for taking the time. I really appreciate it.