Music Videos: Top 5 to watch

The Top Music Videos to get you in the mood for this Summer season!

We are about to enter the spring and summer season, so of course we want to feel all kinds of summer vibes just to get us in the mood. Luckily our musicians know all about that. They have already prepared songs and music videos for us to get and feel inspired by the summer season.
These are the top 5 new music videos that will get you ready and feel inspired.

1. Calvin Harris- feels ft Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams. 

Issa Summer groove. Yes, this is a feel good music video, right down to the beat and lyrics too. Everything about the music video is interesting and there’s no way you can remove your eyes from it. The colours and filters are inspiring. Well, with Katy Perry in it, you’re bound to see interesting, pretty and enticing colours in her clothes, makeup and hair. I don’t want to give too much details, so go and have a look for yourself.
2. Luis Fonsi- Despacito ft Daddy Yankee 

If you are a lover of seeing sexy new Latina moves, then this is a music video you’d love. Who doesn’t love watching beautiful Latinas? It’s a romantic, upbeat song; the dance moves are great and your eyeballs will be glued to the screen, especially when they do this one particular move every time the chorus plays. It’s fun to watch and it makes you want to learn that dance move too.
3. Ms Cosmo- connect ft Nasty C, Rouge & Kwesta

This is a fresh music video filled with young and vibrant people. It is colourful. Ms Cosmos’ hair colour is interesting. The way people are dressed is going to trend this summer season, so look out for this music video. You don’t want to miss out on what’s going to be “in” in SA this summer season. Rouge had to kill us with her hair and lip colour, her B (bars) game is lit too. Guys, look out for this music video, because our local stars are branding South Africa so well.
4. La Sauce- I do ft Amanda Black

Now this music video is in a whole different vibe and feel compared to the ones mentioned above. This is a vibey love jam. The video speaks for itself, even if you were to listen on mute. To put in simple words, it’s a love story. An interesting love story, very moving and realistic. Even with the good times and hard times of the love story, it remains the type of love most of us wish for. You will enjoy this video, have a look at it.
5. Destruction boys- shut up and groove ft Babes Wodumo and Mampintsa

Where there is Babes Wodumo, there are dance moves, a colourful wig and smiles. This is a music video that makes you want to be part of the party that’s happening in the video. The kind of partying where you’re letting loose and just dancing the night away as though no one is watching.  This is also the music video to watch if you want to begin practicing your moves for December groove. The name of the song says it “Shut up and groove.” Get prepared for December boss, because this is the song and dance moves people will be dancing to in December.
Article Written by Sandy (Instagram)