Music of the week: “Cautionary Talez EP” by Sandino “Kwesh” Skosana 

Download and Stream the latest EP from Cape Town based artist, Sandino "Kwesh" Skosana with the project titled "Cautionary Talez". And we find out the story behind his EP and music.

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I Cape Town based artist Sandino “Kwesh” Skosana ,born and raised in a small town in Oudtshoorn called Bongolethu. My childhood was filled with different genres of music, books, TV programs all thanks to my dad, but music specifically hip hop has always been my first love. I really started taking my music seriously about four years ago. It only came into fruition last year, when I started recording my songs.

My inability to speak about what I was going through at the time, my depression, heart break, seeing the struggles that my peers and family members had to go through daily just to make it through the day, even witnessing the evils that was tearing my home town, and the world apart. These were a few of the things that served as a source of motivation for me to finally decide to take a stand, and voice my opinion.

I’ve always liked the idea of artists telling stories through their different mediums, Hip hop is one of my favourite mediums for storytelling. I decided that I had my own story to tell and that I was finally ready to share it. I met Andrew Jordan last year, the mastermind behind the beats, and overall production of my EP, upon meeting him I knew I’d finally have a chance to share my story with the public.

Expect a lot of raw honesty, my opinions on everyday issues, coping mechanisms, fears, hopes, and a lot of relatable lyrics. This debut EP is a small journey through my life, through my struggles, my down falls and the things that ultimately make me human, but that also inspire me to want to make a change in the world I live in.

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