Need to Never Stop. Never Settle with Hennessy

The world’s most popular cognac brand, Hennessy, continues to champion local creative entrepreneurs through its All I Need campaign. Epitomised by the distinctive line Never Stop. Never Settle.,

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The brand campaign celebrates inspiring individuals whose Never Stop. Never Settle values have made them exceptional.

Active in Africa for over 150 years, the 254-year-old brand champions passionate people who have made their passion their business. This dynamic campaign tells the stories of eight real-life gamechangers from across Africa, including Onye Ubanatu, Mutua Matheka, Bobo Ndima, Slikour, Serge Beynaud, Aniete James, Kaffy and R!OT. In doing so, the campaign boldly challenges us to see the world through fresh eyes; a world where the old rules no longer apply.

Hennesy, Competition, Never Stop, Never Settle

The campaign has focused on different entrepreneurs across Africa. From the eight entrepreneurs, three of them are South African representatives, namely R!OT – AKA Sindiso Nyoni – a Zimbabwe-born, self-developed graphic artist who now calls South Africa home; Bobo Ndima – AKA Bob the Stylist – a Soweto-born stylist and designer; and Siya Metane – AKA Slikour– a musician and entrepreneur home-grown in Johannesburg’s East Rand.

Khomotso Ledwaba, Hennessy SA Brand Manager, “Throughout our history, we’ve celebrated individuals with true stopping power, who embrace the genesis of Never Stop. Never Settle. and boldly push the limits. This latest collaboration is our way to honour a new generation of audacious African entrepreneurs who are boldly crafting a different kind of world.”

For the pioneering artists, Never Stop. Never Settle means different things.  For Slikour, it’s ‘never putting a ceiling to human potential’, R!OT defines it as ‘not settling for the norm’ and Bobo Ndima believes that it means constantly striving for the ‘highest pinnacle of self-expression’. Here’s what else they had to say…


Describe the social activism aspect of your work:

The link to social activism is what denotes my ‘African’ design aesthetic. By combining images and text to inspire people out of placidity, my work attempts to tackle some of Africa’s most pressing issues in the form of visual art… R!OT is a graphic style and design aesthetic that combines traditional and digital media. It’s a mixture of old-school drawing techniques and new-school techniques while reaching into history and social issues to create a subversive Southern African ‘street’ style. The style uses protest and dissent to communicate messages via the use of art. I feel that as creatives we have a duty to contribute to our communities using art that addresses social issues, advocates awareness and change, which can ultimately open minds to act towards making a difference…

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired in your work?

There’s a lot of messages you can convey from just making use of imagery and text. I think in the different cities that I’ve been to each word and artwork has different messages attached to it, reflecting the true soul of the city. As an artist, I have a responsibility to reflect the times that we are living in.

What does “Never Stop. Never Settle.” mean to you?

I think it lends itself quite closely to not settling for the norm. There’s more to explore in terms of where my art could end up or what I could apply it to. It’s interesting that this campaign has brought together different creatives from all over Africa. I strongly believe that one of the main problems we’ve had within the different factions of the continent is the borders that separate most of us. All I need is a wall to show the big picture.

Hennesy, Competition, Never Stop, Never Settle


How did you become part of the fashion world?

I’ve always wanted to be in the fashion world ever since I was in high school.

There were a couple of groups growing up; from pantsula to amabhujwa who inspired me to pursue fashion. In 2010, I started taking pictures through Facebook, and I would inbox celebrities and bands that I liked, asking if I could style them. Then blogging became a thing, so with my boys, we would dress up and take pictures. That’s how Boys of Soweto started. From blogging to a clothing line.

I used to collect suits and sell them. One day, a prominent DJ asked me to make a suit for him, and then I had to outsource to a tailor. From then on, I realised that I could actually sell a new product, leading me to register Suits by Bob the Stylist.

What is creativity to you?

Apart from the ability of manifesting an idea into reality, Creativity to me is being able to find solutions to our problems.

What does “Never Stop. Never Settle.” mean to you?

It means not being complacent in one reality. I should constantly work on myself to reach the highest pinnacle of self-expression.


What influenced you to get into the music industry as a creative?

If you had asked me what career I would have taken in school, I was going to say IT but while I was thinking of that, I loved music. I found myself making music. I found myself collecting music. I found myself writing music, and all of a sudden, I found myself in front of a stage. I found myself on TV. I found myself in papers. I wouldn’t say it’s what I do, but love directs me to where I need to be. Now, I’m currently running the biggest music platform called Slikour On Life. But I never thought I would find myself doing that.

I used to collect music in a shoe box. Now, the shoe box has become the website. The audience is not just the guys in my hood because it’s now online, and it’s everybody.

Just do you, and find out what you need to do in this world because, when you find out what you need to do in this world, you might find that what you really need to do you have always had an answer for when you were a kid.

What does “Never Stop. Never Settle.” mean to you?

If you put a ceiling to human potential, you’ve tied yourself to the contract of what the world is.

What has it meant to you to be recognised by Hennessy through your involvement in the All I Need Campaign?

It’s unexpected and dope at the same time, the brand has done a lot of great things with artists, photographers and it’s also the most mentioned brand in hip hop music. It makes all the sense in the world to be associated with Hennessy cause of how it’s ingrained in the culture similar to how I believe I am.

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The Hennessy All I Need playlist is a compilation of the tracks that inspire these creatives to Never Stop. Never Settle. These are the songs that motivate them to change Africa and the world. Songs written by gamechangers for gamechangers. Songs like Bayagoloza by The Brother Moves On, Mzekezeke by Fosta and Simphiwe Dana by Ndiredi. It’s available on