OFFICIAL: New iPhones (X, 8, 8+)

X, in Roman Numerals, stands for 10, and this is Apple's 10th Anniversary of the iPhone. Coincidence? I think not.


Last night’s unveiling held few surprises if you read any of the leaks. It was almost spot-on.

Here are the official Specs of the iPhones unveiled last night:

iPhone X (pronounced ‘ten’):


5.8 inch 1125X2436 OLED Edge-to-edge display
New, all-glass design
Qi Wireless charging
Apple A11 chip
iOS 11
Face-scanning/Facial Recognition (FaceID)
Dual Rear-camera (Vertical Setup) – 12MP f/1.8 and f/2.4
Front Camera: 7MP f/2.2
3D sensors
No Home Button
IP67 Dust and Water Proof (up to 1.3m)
Storage 64/256GB
No fingerprint Sensor

The iPhone X was highly anticipated, by myself (an Android-lover) included. However, after seeing the Specs, I realised Apple would be letting me down…again.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this phone is the screen, which looks different…cool. How it will fare (the top screen notch) in day-to-day use, I don’t know. The screen is made by Samsung and it is the first iPhone with an OLED screen. The resolution is sub-2K, which baffled me since this was touted as focusing on AR and VR. Industry leaders have said time and again that 2K is currently optimal for viewing VR content.

Another shocker for me was the exclusion of a Fingerprint Sensor. Huh? Yep, just let that sink in. Something that is seen as a ‘must’ in all high-end phones today is there no more. Reminds me of the Headphone Jack, which, (suprise!) isn’t included. They have added FaceID, which is Facial Recognition. They must have put in a lot of work for it to be truly functional if they were confident enough to remove the Fingerprint Scanner. If it’s anything like Samsung’s Note 8, it will be a serious downer.

The phone has 3GB of RAM, which is probably plenty for day-today use. The new A11 ‘Bionic’ Chip is said to increase performance by up to 70%. That’s a lot of power. I will need to test it with VR to really see if 3GB is enough for a flagship phone in 2017.

Qi (Wireless) Charging is industry standard, which means that existing chargers will work. Apple has said that their own ‘AirPower’ Wireless Charger will be available at a later date and will have space for both the iPhone and the new Apple Watch.

Apple hardware has finally made it to 2016 (not a typo) and I am looking forward to seeing reviews to see how this phone stacks up against its competitors.


iPhone 8/8+:


Apple has ditched the standard ‘s’ branding of phones and jumped to ‘8.’ We see the same thing as always: incremental changes from the previous generations.

I’m sure many people are impressed by Apple’s iterative series of phones. As someone who is constantly being told how amazing these phones are, I’m still waiting for something to impress me that I haven’t seen already.


The Apple iPhone 8X, 8s and 8+ are expected to be ready to pre-order on 15/09 and to be shipped on 22/09.


Article by Uwais Khan (Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn)