New Music Alert: Rubber Duc featuring Mo-T “Coming Down” single

There is no “Coming Down” for Rubber Duc as they team up with Mo-T from Mi Casa for the hit summer collaboration you never knew you needed!

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“Upbeat. Funky. Fresh” are just a few words to describe the latest single from South Africa’s most popular Acoustic Dance Music act, Rubber Duc!  Following a string of successful hit singles, “Coming Down” is their latest release and features the talented trumpeter, Mo-T, of one of South Africa’s most successful house acts, Mi Casa! “Coming Down” promises to be a radio favourite as it hits the airwaves just in time for Summer.

There is no denying the chart-topping success that Rubber Duc has managed to achieve during their time in the music industry. Their debut single release was back in 2014 and they have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned in South Africa with hit singles such as “Through the Night” and “For the First Time” which is still seeing chart success on radio stations across the country. In order to continue the momentum of their radio single success, Rubber Duc are continuing to release music as often as possible. The band is no stranger to collaborations and this latest one featuring Mo-T is definitely one for fans to get excited about!

Rubber Duc, Music, Mo-T, Micasa, New Music, Single, South Africa, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify


Band member Amiel Gopal explains, “We’ve always had saxophone as part of the Rubber Duc “sound” foundation. When we were working on Coming Down, we had these great brass hooks that we had been working on & just thought it would be really cool to get a real trumpeter in to play the lines. We’ve played a few shows with Mi Casa over the years and had formed a relationship with the guys. That’s when we thought that Mo-T would be the perfect guy for the role! So we got in touch with him and the rest is history,”. “Coming Down” is still deeply rooted in the unique sound of Rubber Duc but the collaboration with Mo-T brings the perfect amount of brass flavour with catchy melodies that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head. “We had so much fun working on this project with Mo. He’s flipping talented and it was a new experience for us recording a trumpeter. So many ideas were thrown around the room, but when that man played his solo…wow. It was gold.,” Amiel continues.


There is no escaping Rubber Duc! They find themselves on every line-up of your favourite festivals and are playlisted on radio stations across the country that there is no doubt that you will always find yourself listening to them. When asked what makes them so unique in the South African market, the band definitely credits their sound – “I just don’t think anyone sounds like us. We don’t even know what we sound like or where to place our sound. Our songs don’t ever sound anything close to similar, but for some reason, it just sounds like Rubber Duc?” Their unique sound has come to be one that is instantly recognizable and has played a huge part in their continued success. “2019 has been an incredible year for Rubber Duc. There has been so much positive change, chart-toppers, experimentation, growth etc. It’s really been a good year. If 2019 was like this, we cannot wait to go into the new decade!”

Rubber Duc, Music, Mo-T, Micasa, New Music, Single, South Africa, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify

“Coming Down” is available for download & streaming on all major digital platforms from Friday, 8 November! For more information on Rubber Duc, visit . Also join the conversation with them on social media – Instagram (@RubberDucMusic), Twitter (@RubberDucMusic) and Facebook (RubberDucMusic). Also subscribe to the Rubber Duc channel on YouTube.