New Releases: Amashumi By HOLY ALPHA


Have you ever heard of xhosa trap music? I bet you haven’t. It’s a new sub genre and it’s popular now especially in Cape Town. A lot of new artists are coming out of their comfort zone and they are releasing xhosa trap music. I really love the sub genre as it brings some culture to the industry. Anyways one particular artist who goes by the name Holy Alpha released some music and it’s showing that she’s not here to play. You all better be prepared for shows, tours and more music from her this new year.

From the streets of Khayelitsha rises a brand new face for South African hip hop. Born Sanele Alpha Gwabe, who now goes as HOLY ALPHA aka MAMA GHOST in the streets. Living up to the title with her experience filled lyrics and xhosa story telling techniques. Her music journey started in 2016 shortly after that she introduced herself to the hip hop scene in 2017 when she dropped a single titled Guala. She is definitely a forced to be reckoned with and has been previously feature on the popular hip hop online magazine ”SLIKOUR ON LIFE” as one of the hottest artists in the streets, being described as fierce and unapologetic in her flows and cadence.

Almost 4 months after her hit single GHOST debuted, she was exposed to a wider audience with her introduction of Xhosa Trap. A little bird from the streets tell us she’s already got big plans for the sub genre in 2021.

She describes her music as art, because art reflects society and she believes the lyrics of her music depict the everyday life of South African youth who don’t have the opportunities to express themselves. Coming from a musical family, HOLY ALPHA was always destined for lyrical greatness and this year she teams up with Cape Town’s biggest music hub, CAPE TOWN THING to drop a single she’s been teasing the whole December of 2020. ”AMASHUMI” is a drill banger that sees HOLY ALPHA diving into her experiences with nocturnal activities in her township of Khayelitsha.