Ntsiki Mazwai ( my intimate thoughts)


Ntsiki Mazwai a radical, trueist, perceived, and painted as a public nuisance by media, in different situations whenever she excercises her right to freedom of speech and opinion on certain issues affecting the public. But today i had the privilege of having conversations with Ntsiki herself getting some exclusives on her intimate character, never before shared on any public sphere, these conversations provided a powerful insight on who Ntsiki really is and what drives her passion. This exclusive will only be found nowhere but the biznizblog.

Ntsiki was born in Baragwanath hospital, born and bread in Soweto and later became more urbanised and moved to Johannesburg Braamfontein in pursuit of her artistic career.
Growing up as a little girl, Ntsiki always envisioned herself as an artist and an entrepreneur, greatly influenced and motivated by her father who is a succesful business man. She has always been a believer of dreams, both in the cosmic and destiny, Ntsiki mentioned that dreams are important and significant in our waking life as life in interconnected.

“Over the years what I have come to learn and appreciate about life and this is generally what I can pass on to others is that, always be passionate about life, family and be constantly immensed in what you love, fuel it, let it lead you, do not be afraid of your path, and in the midst of it all have a strong support system, love yourself, thrive for intrapersonal peace and no matter what always speak your truth”, Ntsiki stated.

For many people love can mean a lot of things, but for Ntsiki love is an eternal gift to humanity, a beautiful thing, in its original purest form, it is truthful, although it can be complex, especially with human connotations. However for Ntsiki love is not romance, even though she is a hopeless romantic, who appreciates small things in life.

It is not everyday we hear about her love life, and that is the lingering curiosity many bear within their cognitive fabrics, and She did reveal that at the moment she is getting to know herself more, exploring avenues of herself holistically inclusive of the love path, and in her journey thus far Ntsiki discovered that human beings love, love without actually taking the time to understand it and a lot of people enjoy sharing love with multiple People, where a lot of people are not monogamous, and she is an old school lover, who wants one all to her self, but in this reality Ntsiki feels her concept of love does not really match the general definition and standards of society, which makes it difficult for her to freely give her love, knowing it may not be reciprocated in a manner that she requires or desires.

On the burning issue of femicide she commented there is really nothing she can say about men killing women, that is what they choose to do, thy are opting to perform those acts and until they decide to stop she really believes there’s not much she can say.

A lot of people who have been wondering if Ntsiki is a feminist or a womanist or fall in any of the movements would be pleased to know that she believes in humanity in general, none affiliated, not much on public politics, and does not even consider presidency some day, which shatters the dreams of those who see the potential of being first female president in South Africa.

At the moment Ntsiki is focused on there bead work, she explained how close to heart this is for her, her deep love of expression through her designs gives her a source of refuge, a form of escape from the busy world. She is also deeply immensed in her music, composing, writing, performing and speaking. She enjoys sharing her gifts with the world, and finds delight in contributing a price of herself in this generation.

you can access Ntsiki’s podcast here : https://m.soundcloud.com/ntsiki-mazwai-542546702/ngiyazikhulumela-3-january-2019?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter 

article by: Spirit Tsonga Seitshiro

edited by : Mpho Nelson