The Bizniz Hustle: Singer Phumla, of ‘Lengoma’ fame

Q&A with Phumla, Singer of Lengoma


By Phumi Masango (TwitterInstagram)


From the tender age of 5, this go-getter and chaser of the sky, knew her singing would take her to unimaginable heights. It all started with a simple request from her mom asking Phumla to start off a hymn at church. The little girl did just that and the response from the fellow worshipers were enough to make her believe in herself. She took that overwhelming response with her everywhere she went, and now, here we are.


The singer (22), from the sunny, scenic town of Barberton in the Mpumalanga province, has focused on her studies but never valued her passion for music any less.
“Music is therapeutic to me and the single most comfortable place where I can express my thoughts. It’s where I can come clean about anything else that I feel I cannot share in any other ways,” says the Afro Pop/RNB singer.

Phumla is graduating soon, completing her final year of Media Studies at the University of Limpopo. She feels that although music and media studies are not necessarily the same thing, the environment is quite similar. She is amped and ready to be in that space and feels prepared to go out into the music industry.

Phumla’s single, Lengoma, was produced by Zimbabwean born Thaiwanda Thai who is currently based in Johannesburg. Her single’s co-producer goes by the name Mr Gab, a local South African producer.


Phumla is signed with Mabheta Productions. She sings and writes her own songs too. Although this talented lady was only signed this year, the 22-year-old has already shared the stage with NaakMusiq, Ricky Rick and Don Laka, to name a few. In addition, she sang backup for Sechaba and the late Sifiso Ncwane at an event celebrating the late Mr. Peter Mokaba’s birthday. Phumla has been a backup vocalist for Luvhuwo Matumba at a wedding anniversary. As if that’s not impressive enough, she was also the entertainer at the Miss Thick Madam competition at the University of Limpopo.

Phumla, the winner of the only talent factor held at UL, says that this is only the beginning. The Lengoma singer wishes to work with South African Xhosa singer and song-writer Simphiwe Dana, multi-award winner Mbongeni Ngema and legendary composer Robbie Malinga.


With her album Heartfelt coming out next year, we thought we’d get to know the stunning singer better while we wait excitedly with this Q&A session:

Q: What are the 3 things you live for?

A: “I live for God, a good life and my family


Q: What are the two things that you can live without?

A: “I can live without any sweet beverages really.  I can also live without friends


Q: What is the one thing you believe can make ANYTHING taste better?

A: I have to go with herbs and salt


Q: What is your album-in-progress Heartfelt all about?

A: Heartfelt is about all my life experiences. In every song I sing about the things that have once hurt me, betrayal, being misunderstood, love and everything in between


Q: What is your MOTTO in this life?

A: “Go out there and have fun because nobody can stop you!”


Q: What keeps you going?

A: “Besides music, life and death keep me going. The reason I say that is you are only given one chance at life and that chance to live gives you fresh opportunities to do what you’d always wanted to do so that when death comes, people will remember you for your works


You can now download Phumla’s single Lengoma on Google Play Music and iTunes.

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