Phuza Thursday: ”Take it Back – DJ Hlezz” mix


This week, in part 2 of the Phuza Thursday mix brought to you by Mr Bahle Mncedisi aka ”DJ Hlezz. We decided to do things abit different this week and this includes his guest mix and also his interview.

Take it Back mixed by Hlezz (Powered by Dhla) by Bahle "Hlezz" Mncedisi on Mixcloud

So while you checking out his interview and getting to know more about this guy, why not take a listen and enjoy.

  1. Where were you born?

I was born in Bulawayo aka “The City of Kings” in Zimbabwe.

  1. Full names and surname

Mncedisi Bahle (Hlezz) Moyo

  1.      Where did you attend school?

Attended school at Newmansford Primary and Northlea High School (completed 2002).

  1. What has always been your passion?

My passion is and always will be music. The love of music came when l was very young with a background of being part of a choir and my mother who was and still is the head of church choir and having sisters who bugged me to sing along to boyz ll men songs lol . I became interested in music from a soulful side of things with my mom being the sole anchor for me to explore song writing and being a musical analyst.

  1. What do you do for a living?

I am actually a Décor Consultant for Coricraft Group SA and a Consumer Specialist for DHLA & SDR

  1. What made or influenced your career decision?

I have an interest in sales and décor world and music runs in my blood.

  1. Who are your role models?

Oh  this is interesting , my role models hmmmmmm, I have so many and they are in different aspects of life and people who surrounding me …….God ,wife, family , friends  and in the music business P Diddy, Black Coffee, and Harrison Crump.

  1. Why?

I get inspired by positivity, growth, love, passion, culture and business ……..the above have given me so much of everything in life.

  1. What is Deep House Love Affair?

DHLA is group on Facebook that provides a platform for artists, songwriters and producers to post their projects to the world. It was created initially to be a discussion board of what is new, fresh and what is hot in the house music scene. The group has grown amazingly world wide catering a lot to the underground world of deep house.


  1. How did you meet him?

I presume you mean my ninja Becksr8d lol Becks and I met in high school.  I remember borrowing Fresh House Flavaz Vol 1 from him (which I still haven’t returned lol) that’s where it all began. We became such big suckers of house music we would gather any tracks or compilation we could find from cassette to cd’s.

  1. What challenges did you face when deep house was starting off?

At that time Facebook wasn’t as common as it is today and there were less underground artist developing. Now it’s a different ball game, the level of acceptance of deep house has grown as well as the different house aspects.

  1. What are your hobbies?

I would say biggest one is being a DJ and basketball

  1. Is there any more we can look out for?

We have a lot in store come summer time and the biggest will be a DHLA Party to be hosted in selected countries across the globe

  1. Who are the artist that u listen to?

I would right up probably the whole of traxsource, I would say I’m sucker for good deep house tunes (from soulful ,tech,jazzy,afro) ……….I’m a huge old skool fan especially compilations from TBose, Glen Lewis, Khabzela, MAW , DJS at WORK

  1. Name any underground DJ or artist you love?

Lately I have been overwhelmed by MafIsh his work is growing amazingly, his tracks Obsessions and Bundle of Joy are my personal favorites. Luke M, Bonobo, list is endless.

  1. Do you think that money makes the world go around and why?

I think the world has made money a power tool for bad use more than good use really which is unfortunate but hey money does make the world go round I guess.