Right, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We’re here to tell you that we’re throwing a party… because we can. A tip of the hat if you will, to what was the most successful PUMA Social Club in our brand’s international history.

You all made that a reality, and because we miss it, we’re throwing a shindig for the die hard After Hours Athletes. Those who queued for hours on end, the photo booth queens, the arcade champions, those who nearly caused the dance floor to cave in, and the artists that rectified what school did to chalkboards.

PUMA presents: #PUMASocialTBT. A Throwback Thursday limited access event at Great Dane on the 26th of June. Space is super limited. You can only be a part of this with a legit invite. How do you get on this list? Easy, but you’ll need to be on the ball for this one.

Between 12:45pm and 1:15pm, 13th of June, @PUMASouthAfrica will be sending out the golden tweet. Refresh your timelines incessantly until it comes up, and reply with: “#PUMASocialTBT, Hook me up!”? The first 150 replies will receive confirmation of their double ticket invites. If you miss the cut off, we’re sorry, but that’s that. Just to remind you, you’ll only be eligible for the ticket if you are following @PUMASouthAfrica. If you’re not, that’s just silly. Sounds simple enough, right? Get on it.

Disclaimer: Once capacity limits are reached, you’ll need to queue until space is available, so get there


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Image: PUMA South Africa