Pure and Crafted: ”Abby Nurock” artist interview


Abby Nurock’s journey on the musical playground began in her childhood, influenced by the acid jazz and german/french house introduced to her by her father. From religiously following her icons- Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina to name a few, her passion for vinyl and house music has influenced her makeup.

Her Dj career began in 2002 with the purchase of two mint condition, second hand Technics SL/1210 decks of which she continues to play today. Her love for sourcing quality music drives her to expand her extensive collection of vinyl’s boasting vocal, soulful, deep, funky, jazzy house and nu disco. She creates a feel-good atmosphere by amalgamating old school and current/new school beats, never afraid to goo too deep or too disco. with a unique sound and presence, raw and real.

We had an opportunity to find out more about Abby Nurock, check out her interview below:

  1. So we thought we wanted to start out by finding out more about you, describe yourself in 5 words?

AN: Fun, free-spirited, adventurous, ambitious, positive.

  1. We all know you are always busy (as noted on the many event flyers), but what is it that you do in your downtime?

AN: Downtime? What’s that ;). When I can afford it- I love to travel: hiking, diving, festival-frequenting. When I actually have down time at home- its chill time with my 2 cats.

  1. What are or who is influencing you in a musical way at the moment? Who is setting the standards in SA?

AN: I really love what DJ Kent has accomplished- I think he is fantastic. Obviously Black Coffee is a huge hero to me, I’ve been a deep house cat since the beginning of my love for music… and South African house music and production is up there with the best. And honestly, I always loved DJ Fresh from when he was a YFM DJ and headed up the Fresh House Flava movement in SA. I’m old school and my love for classic house definitely stems from those years.

  1. How are you feeling about being apart of such a great global festival, being right here own our backyard?

AN: I’m thrilled- its such an honour to see my name alongside such a range of talented musicians and DJ’s.

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  1. What can we expect from you at the Pure and Crafted festival?

AN: Fresh, contagious beats that will command you to boogie! And, as always, a vinyl only set. Vinyl is pure, vulnerable, honest and authentic to my passion for music. Nothing beats the rawness of a vinyl sound, and after 15 years of only playing vinyl- it’s in my blood forever.

  1. There are so much things happening at this festival, what you looking forward to the most?

AN: Definitely hearing what SA’s talent has to offer. I’m all about South Africa’s untouchable variety of talent.

  1. What do you think makes a great festival?

AN: The talent and music offering of course, as well as the people and venue.

  1. We are already at the end of the year, what are your biggest achievements this year?

AN: I have achieved more this year than I ever wished for. I have stuck to my guns and continued to push for what I believe- and that’s to play on vinyl and vinyl alone. After so many years of nay-sayers and my schlepping around heavy bags and equipment- I finally feel like I’ve found my groove. I love what I do and knowing that people have as much fun as I do when I play is the biggest fulfilment imaginable. Even if one person connects and resonates with you during a set, it’s a feeling that literally brings me so much happiness. I could never get tired of that elation.

  1. What are your aspirations for the future?

AN: I want to continue doing what I love (djing) until its natural progression ends. I’m a silversmith/metalsmith and own my own jewellery workshop and jewellery line, ‘My Nurock Designs’. It’s my ‘day job’ that sees me working on individual commissions for clients but I wish to put more energy into creating different ranges and growing my brand. That is my next greatest passion- contemporary art and using my hands to make all my ambitious jewellery ideas materialize.

  1. Lastly, what are your predictions for 2017? What do you expect would happen, seeing all that is happening around in the world.

AN: I’m an eternal optimist and truly believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

Abby Nurock, Artist, DJ, Vinyl, Pure and Crafted, Festival, Events, Lifestyle, Music, Bikes, Johannesburg

You can find out more about Abby Nurock, if you like her on Facebook, follow her on twitter or listen to her mixes on soundcloud.

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