#QuarantinedFilmFestival: Boiling Point – A Short Film By Matthew Eaton

Matthew Eaton - a freelancer photographer and filmmaker currently studying Cinematography in Cape Town.


Boiling Point follows a lonely man stuck in lock down who turns to his tea addiction to help cope with the chaotic world that lies outside his walls. Becoming more and more engrossed with world news everyday and his sanity slowly slipping away with his tea stockpile,what will become of this man as the outside world becomes too much?Let’s get chatting with Matthew Eaton who created this gripping masterpiece of a short film about what inspired the making of the film.

”I got bored a couple days into the lock down and wanted to find ways to create something during lock down. I had seen other creators making awesome pieces of work. I came across a video on Youtube from a friend of mine Dean Tucker aka VisualRev, he had partnered with Epidermic Sound to host a quarantine film festival where people could submit films no longer than 3 minutes using only sound from Epidermic Sound library”, says the young filmmaker who got to work and develop his idea with his Head Lecturer Anton Kleynsheldt from college who has a great extensive knowledge of films and a facilitator of ideas and concepts.

After days of chatting with his Head Lecturer to develop his idea. Matthew came up with three act short clips and a story-line of a man who is stuck in lock down turning to his tea addiction to cope with the maniac world. Drawing a lot of inspiration from the famous movie ”The Shining” which is about a man who is stuck inside his snow bound hotel who turns on his family when cabin fever took over his world. This psychological idea from the movie is one of the main pieces of inspiration behind Matthew Eaton’s film. For those who watched ”The Shining” you will notice there is similar pieces related to the Boiling Point film. Do you see them? If yes do let us know in the comments. Anyways let’s continue with the chat as he explains the process and challenges of making the short film.

Regardless of the long tedious process of making this film. I took my time with planning which has never happened before because I don’t usually have lots of time to film due to other commitments. After spending countless hours on the sound design of the film which I believe is the strongest aspect of the film, I made sure everything was on point from filming , redoing the shots, revising the scripts, getting the shots and lighting to be exactly how I wanted. I’m very proud of the final piece and judging from people’s feedback who have seen the film. They appreciate it and some relate to the story line while others said they would love to see a sequel which might be on the cards in the future,explains Matthew Eaton

Use headphones for a better sound experience

The film couldn’t have been done without the incredible help of Anton Kleynsheldt and J.T Semple who did an absolutely incredible job grading the film for me and helping me with some aspects of the story line. This film made me excited for what I can make in the future and it showed me that you really don’t need a lot to create a nice piece of work.If I can make a film locked inside my house in lock down then who knows what is possible when the world reopens. I hope you all will enjoy the film and don’t hesitate to contact me regarding anything.

Thank you Matthew Eaton for chatting with us and you all can follow him on Instagram (mattheweaton_) for more of his content.