Radio Movement Provides A Platform For Artists

Cape Town is a hub of creativity. The city is full of active entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries. One thing that makes the city different is how the people connect together. Young and underground artists have been struggling for years due to lack of support, platforms and funding. It’s now changing as more companies, brands and cooperates are on mission to support these artists. In particular Radio Movement which is a brand that consists of a clothing range and a flagship agency for young artists. The brand created a platform for young local artists to perform,showcase and connect artists directly to their audience.
Recently hosted Street Culture Vol.2 at Trenchtown as part of an ongoing series. The event featured Jitsvinger, Metaphysics from Germany, Syko Tek from Zimbabwe,Amy Brown, Postman L ,Solitude, Master Kiii amongst others. The main structure of the event is to feature a hiphop legend,current hype,female artists,beatbox and freshmen in every line up. There’s also a cypher segment in the pipeline to cater for Freestylers, beat-makers and producers.
Street Culture Vol.3 is coming up on 1st of February at Trenchtown in Observatory with a very interesting lineup. To those who want to attend make sure you get tickets by contacting Radio Movement on Facebook.