Reminiscing: Art Events By North North Social Club


North North Social Club is a creative collective founded by three friends (Andrea Davids,Wynton Marsalis McAllister and Chuma -Sande Bentele) in 2018 and they are based in Cape Town. The collective is committed to investing positively in the creative industry by celebrating local culture and championing innovation through networking. Operating as a non-profit organization, in the sense that they fully fund the events and exhibitions that they host. They aspire to provide platforms where creatives feel free to connect and share skills and experiences. Thus, inviting and encouraging a culture of collaborations and the idea of working together to achieve greater heights. 

Their vision is to create a more culturally diverse and inclusive environment for aspiring creatives and like-minded individuals to interact and exhibit their work, but more importantly, to provide exposure to the industry by aiming to bridge the gap between the aspiring artist’s goals and their place in the creative industry and culture.” We want art to be enjoyed, celebrated and consumed by everyone who relates to it” says, Andrea Davids one of the co-founders.

Every event has some sense of achievement to it. North North Social Club have managed to penetrate different areas of the creative market in Cape Town. They’ve grown immensely in the production, management and quality of the events which they host. The collective’s biggest highlight to date has been the “OURs” event, which was hosted in collaboration with GUS (Gallery University Stellenbosch) and Fungus (Creative Department For the gallery) in 2019. The event was a two week long exhibition, where artists were exposed to multiple crowds, and celebrated for their uniqueness. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, North North held two collaborative efforts with FUNGUS, known as Speakeasy – where attendees were welcome to perform, and a pop-up event thrown, North North style. The creatives ranged from fashion designers,photographers, illustrators and so much more. ”We always want to keep a really social atmosphere going with wine and beer on sale and music for vibrancy” says Wynton Marsalis McAllister.