The Return of the Social Market

Pretorians: Do you long for art, music and good food? Look no further!


Before the city of Pretoria saw the creation of The Social Market, it had never known any space that fully accommodated those who lived, ate, breathed and, of course, wore art. Maitele Wawe and Sizo Dlezi, the founders of The Social market, would regularly travel from Pretoria to Braamfontein, the hub of Afro-centric artistry of all forms. There they attended markets, fashion shows and events centered around the arts, but longed for a home of their own in Pretoria. From the longing and hunger for a release, the idea of creating The Social Market was born and Pretoria was never the same again.


The market opened its doors for the first time at The Mushroom Lounge (Pretoria CBD). As an art lover myself, I was in attendance. Little did I know that I would be attending a family gathering filled with relatives I have never met. That was the Market’s intention from the get-go; creating a home for all the people who have their souls in the sky, irrespective of how grounded their realities are. The market is known for its mouth-watering food, filled with nothing but flavours, textures and aroma that will pull you in from a mile away. The music played there is worth writing home about too; Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Warren G and every other artist who will send you to space with just the drop of the beat. However, fashion is the main item on the agenda.


The Social Market introduced thrift-shop wear with an Avant-garde twist to the mainstream Pretorian fashion culture. The garments people wore there came second to none. There had never been a celebration of uniqueness bigger than this. Self-expression finally had a face, and guess what? It still does. You have not missed out yet.

The Social Market returns on The 3rd of December 2017 at the Hatfield Shisanyama, 920 Francis Baard street in Pretoria, for a cover charge of R100 for general and R300 for VIP. Go and receive your life handed to you by living gods and goddesses. You will live to tell the story.

Article By Kagiso Senaudi Masemola