Revenge at Red Bull Rampage 2016: GoPro Video

The world’s best mountain bikers descended on Virgin, Utah, to tackle a course so outlandish that even Red Bull organisers called it “impassable.”


The annual event is one of Red Bull’s most prestigious competitions. It has been adopted by riders as the “most coveted freeride mountain biking championship” in the world.

Red Bull mountain bike riders recently spent eight days building an entire run down a brand new venue in Virgin, Utah as a part of Red Bull Rampage 2016. Only the rider and a pair of team members were present to complete the task, which then saw the sport’s best taking on the hills of the gruelling landscape.

The above footage in turn highlights the most insane maneuvers from this year’s event, showcasing the collective of daredevil mountain bikers whizzing up and down and in and out, all in means of landing the coveted prize of first place.