REVIEW: Burgerack Rosebank

Gourmet Burgers Galore


Quite often, our interest is piqued when a new burger joint pops up. When Burgerack just appeared out of nowhere at The Zone, Rosebank, I was bound to lay my hands on their burgers.


What attracted me to Burgerack wasn’t just the burgers, but also the set-up of the outlet. They have this really cool 90s diner vibe going on. It’s something you envisioned while reading the Archie comics, and that just set the tone for the whole place.

I was so excited when I opened the menu to see that they had a spicy lamb burger. Two of my favourite things in one burger, spice and lamb. Disappointment, however, set in really fast. When I took the first bite out of my burger, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like the extra hot from a Portuguese restaurant, but I expected some sort of kick, given that the word spicy was associated with the burger. Apart from the blandness of the burger, it didn’t look all that great either and the portion size was quite small. I was completely racked!


On the Brightside, the prices are easy on the pockets (appealing to the student budget), making the place quite popular. Perhaps everything else on the menu adds to this popularity. This is a place I would not readily vouch for, but hey, everyone needs a new experience. The vibe is undoubtfully amazing and maybe the taste of food is one that is acquired (clearly, I have no acquisition whatsoever). To be racked or not to be racked? That is the question you will undoubtedly answer after making Burgerack your own experience.

My rating: 6.5/10

Article by Megan Govender (Insta)