Russian Bear Vodka presents #IAMNEXT Rap Artist Compeition

Russian Bear is bringing a mobile recording studio to your hood to find the Next Level Rap Artist to Co-Lab with Kwesta

Russian Bear, Vodka, Competiton, Rappers, MC, HipHop, Artist, Lyricist, Entertainment, Music

The vodka that celebrates the creativity in urban culture, Russian Bear, is taking its #IAMNEXT   campaign to the next level by calling all lyricists to bring their flow to the brand’s custom designed mobile recording studio. Hitting the road from June 16th to August 27th along with music producer, Psyko Beats, live recording sessions and will be staged in a number of community venues in Gauteng, KZN, Eastern Cape and Western Cape. Everyone that books a session in the Russian Bear recording studio, walks away with a demo track. The freshest rapper with the winning demo will score a recording deal for a co-lab single with Kwesta, produced by Makwa Beats and released by Raplyf Records.

“Our #IAMNEXT campaign seeks to unearth the freshest talented in the South African hip hop scene. While on journey, we’ll be looking out for an aspiring rap artist who has an ear for the beat, uses clever vocab, delivers a message with depth and for extra street cred, makes mention of Premium Russian Bear Vodka in their rhymes,” explains Russian Bear brand manager, Simone Burns.

Russian Bear, Vodka, Competiton, Rappers, MC, HipHop, Artist, Lyricist, Entertainment, Music

If you think you have what it takes, purchase a 750ml or 1l bottle of Premium Russian Bear Vodka and visit Once online, you can book your live recording session in the booth by entering the bottle barcode. Within 48 hours you’ll be notified if your session in the mobile recording studio has been booked. In the meantime, you can download the Russian Bear tracks to practice your flow.

Alternatively, you can drop by on any of the event days at any of the mobile recording sites nationwide. Rappers will be given a session on a “first-come, first-served” basis within their time slot, so be sure to get there nice and early. A full list of dates and where the mobile recording sessions will be taking place can be found on the Russian Bear website.

If you’re ready to take it to the next level in your rap artistry and you want a shot at laying down your very own demo, connect with us on, or visit Facebook or Twitter using the #iamnext hashtag. We’ll bring the studio, you bring the flow.e