Sabrina Celine Local Female Artist signed to Cape Town-based Record Label Show Killers Entertainment

Sabrina Celine(21) from Brooklyn, Cape Town has a lot of untapped talent when it comes to RnB and Pop. Whether it be writing or producing, her talent pool is unmistakable.

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Sabrina Celine recently signed to a record label in Cape Town called Show Killers Entertainment. Focusing on investing in young talent and making sure their music gets heard. Priding themselves in youthful and innovative management that embraces diverse sounds. 

“Sabrina is a unique artist, and in this industry, it’s important to be able to stand out and capture people’s attention. She’s a talented songwriter and singer. Her sound is extremely versatile and her upcoming EP will have a heavy pop and RnB influence, with heartfelt and inspirational lyrics.” Says, Promise Feni Founder of Show Killer Entertainment. 

Throughout her journey, Sabrina said she has been inspired by artists such as Elle Mai, Khelani, Demi, and many more. 

Since signing with Show Killers Entertainment, Sabrina has played at News Cafe, Stones, and Brama Stay Inn Guest House. 

Sabina adds “ from here she will continue writing and recording. I  believe that one day I will make it big in this industry. All it takes is hard work and to never give up.”

Sabrina Celine has recently released her song called “Party”, Click here to download and stream –

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