Glitz, Glam and Corruption


It’s been six months since the 11th Golden Horn awards, also known as the SAFTAs 2017. They were themed” SAs got drama. Let’s celebrate it!” The awards are in honour of the stars that steal our hearts with their amazing performances and the brains behind the scenes. In case you forgot what the bizniz was, allow some refreshment for your memory.

It was the Awards’ first time being hosted at the prestigious Sun City resort located in North West. It was a three day experience between the 16th and 18th March. The 16th was the arrival and first night with everyone dressed formal. The 17th was reserved for golf and the beach party and the award night was on the 18th. The hosts were Thando Thabethe and Katlego Maboe.


While we are impatiently glaring at 2018 ‘s dose of glamour, we hope that the 2017 drama that we are experiencing so late after the event doesn’t linger. It would have been nice if we were stuck on the prestigious Awards because we just wish 2018 would come already so we can get more, but a scandal has us gasping for air instead.


The Awards are hosted by South African film funding body: The NFVF.  The organisation’s management is in hot fire for numerous accusations. A former employee finally decided to spill the beans on the lavishly hosted event and other internal misconducts. The source wishes to be anonymous, together with other internal sources who give the scandal an unquestionable stance.

Tax payers’ money surely did make the world go round at the SAFTAs with long, unnecessary lunches rumored to have been taken place throughout the course of the day. While doors were closed for some, they were opened for those in high places and their extended families.

“She took her whole family to Sun City for the awards – her son and daughter, the daughter’s boyfriend, one of the grannies and even a maid to look after the granny – while film makers were being turned away,” a former staffer at the foundation confided in The Citizen .

The above statement is in referral to a former senior manager. Concerned staff members finally reported misconduct to the Minister of Arts and now a probe is in progress. We are all hoping for amendments to be made so that we can celebrate the next drama.

We hope that everyone makes a mental note so that we remember that this event is for the filmmakers; the people who brace us with their talents and choose to bear their souls for us. They do deserve it.



Article By Eliza Mabungu