Shape your Life up! and loose some kilos


Weight loss is a much-debated issue. Many different diets and quick fixes exist and I  think that instead of asking are they effective, the most important question is, are they healthy?.

It is important to remember that God gave us one body and that you will never get another one so how you treat it is imperative. Nowadays, the market is flooded with quick-fix, water and cayenne  solutions that deprive your body of the essential vitamins and nutrients.

They are centered around the notion that by eating less food, you can lose weight. Although true, this solution is not sustainable in the long term and can be damaging to your health.

So  how does one go about losing weight in a healthy way? Healthy weight loss involves giving your body the right blend of protein, calcium, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

By giving your body the blend of the right nutrients, it increases your metabolism. Your metabolism converts food into energy. So a faster metabolism means you are converting more food into energy and less food is being converted into fat.

Here is Fitness Freak’s Weight loss program

So how does one effectively lose weight in a healthy manner, do you ask? Well I am a wellness coach through an American Nutrition company called Herbalife.

The products give your body the right blend of the nutrients to not only help you lose weight but to help you get the required nutrients from one place. See, a healthy balanced diet requires you to get  the different vitamins and nutrients from different places. It is recommended that we eat 20g of protein at each meal.

If we look at a small chicken thigh for example, it gives 13.27 grams of protein but also has 150 calories per serving. That coupled with the other vitamins and nutrients we still have to take into account, really does make the number of calories add up.

So having a healthy meal solution that has all the vitamins and nutrients in one place but is low in calories really does help with the weight loss process. Hence, I choose Herbalife for myself and my clients. I do not just sell products but provide a personalized eating plan and exercise plan to ensure that the body transformation is handled from all aspects


So far my 20 clients and myself have shown great results.

My results:

Lost 10kgs in body fat

Gained 7kgs in muscle

Improved energy levels


Lost 20kgs

Decreased belly fat


Has lost 2kgs in her first month

Decreased belly fat