Shiel Sleazi unveils new song ‘You’

Shiel Sleazi drops a NEW track!


Ever had someone walk out or do you wrong when you were down and now that you’re popping they’re suddenly interested again? Yes? Then you’ll love this hot new jam, ‘YOU’ by Shiel Sleazi which features Kans and Shouldbeyuang on the first single of his upcoming EP, Polybius Nightfall.


The upcoming artist, Shiel Sleazi (pronounced Shy’eel) says the single was inspired by his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him when he was still starting out, “It’s weird how the people who were literally fighting with me back then, including my ex, are now trying to get back in my life and be friends”. Testament to his song, a lot of people have tried to reconnect since he has dropped it but the humble artist has no place for drama and says all is forgiven, “I’m not the type to fight, and I forgive easily depending on how you treated me”.

Sleazi specialises in alternative music and is getting ready to drop his much anticipated single, ‘Rockstar’ which is “literally a Rock star jam, it’s crazy!” People who attended his listening session have been asking about the track ever since and I must say it’s got me just as hyped!

Not only is he a hot new musician on the rise but Sleazi is also a dancer, model, stylist, self-proclaimed “PR Genius” and photographer who has worked with the likes of Shane Eagle, BigStar, Priddy Ugly and many more. On top of all that he’s an artist who designs and edits all his cover art himself, I know right? This guy is so multi-talented!


Sleazi is going places and I’m definitely down for the ride, if you are too then you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter so that you know exactly when he drops his EP; Polybius Nightfall. Based off a mind controlling arcade game, ‘Polybius’, that government used in the 70s for experimenting but more about that in my next article when he drops his EP so stay tuned and don’t forget to listen to YOU ft. Kans & Shouldbeyuang [Prod by Wav.Gang] on Soundcloud below:


Article by Nicole Charles (Twitter; Instagram)