Socks Are A Must Have Winter Essential


As we all know winter season is here. We ought to stay warm and at the same time,be stylish. Talking from a guy’s perspective, I love socks but I intend to wear one pair for the whole week and I’m sure there is a bunch of other guys who does the same thing as me,right? Oh yeah I see a nod over there *laughs*. A pair for a week it’s not really hygienic and you need to have a lots of pairs in your wardrobe for healthy reasons or just being fashion stylish. I have listed some of my favourite local sock brands. I’m encouraging everyone to grab a pair from these brands and ladies you are free to get a pair as well.

Eaton Threads What I love about this brand is the connection between the brand and the designer. Founded in 2018 by Bradley Eaton a young designer who is on the verge of taking over the fashion industry (watch the space). His socks are timeless pieces which are made for you to leave a mark wherever you go. They are comfy, 80% cotton and soft.From pairing them with formal shoes,sneakers to going with them in bed. They are a definitely a must-have.Eaton Threads are perfect for almost every occasion.My favourite so far from his sock collection are the Pomegranates. You can shop them online

Nic Harry These socks are absolutely my second best.They have the ability to make you feel something special each morning when you put them on. Nic Harry socks are made from incredibly soft and luxurious bamboo fibres. These socks are available in every style you desire depending on your mood from being stylish in boardroom,gym, dinner dates to being playful at the park. What I love about Nic Harry socks is that they are perfect for all seasons. Click the link to purchase a pair

Sexy SocksLooking for some outrageous designs, shocking colours of socks then Sexy Socks are definitely for you. Apart from making you look sexy in every occasion. For every pair of Sexy Socks you buy, it helps you provide every child in South Africa with a pair of socks to wear to school (how cool is that?). You better make a world a better place by sharing warmth with others. What I love about these socks is that they are anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-chafe. For a one week per pair guy/girl then our issue has been solved. Definitely an essential to get to flirt with winter vibes. Go ahead and grab a pair (

Skinny SbuThese super stylish socks comes in a combination of prints and colours to enhance your look and create a unique focal point whether it be in the boardroom, office or for a special occasion. The brand which was founded in 2013 has grown to become one of the leading brands in Africa. Skinny Sbu are perfect for someone who is modern and looking for a sense confidence. What I love about these socks is the fact that they have some African cultural designs which I absolutely adore. To grab a pair click here