The Bizniz Hustle: “Jermaine DIZZY Johnson” Rapper and HIP HOP artist

BIG Beard Entertainment South Africa proudly launched and unveiled their Facebook Page coinciding with the introduction of their very first artist named Dizzy, born 1991, who hails from Lavender Hill/Steenberg/Retreat, Cape Town, and his Music Video production, with the finest team on board!

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Jermaine Johnson, Dizzy, Cape Town, Music, Artist, South Africa

Whilst listening to his school friends during 2010, “Jermaine DIZZY Johnson” realized his love for making music.

Despite only having 5% sight, undergoing a cornea transplant, his eye taking about a year to accept the cornea, he persevered and used this challenge/time to write music and stories.

Friends and family observing his talent, resulted in rapper Dizzy being born!

He gained recognition as a rapper after releasing his first mix tape ‘Progression’ in 2011, performing all over Cape Town, doing a couple of radio interviews and performing on the SABC 2 TV Show: HecticNine9 in which he won the “Shine 99” competition in 2013.The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Jermaine Johnson, Dizzy, Cape Town, Music, Artist, South Africa

All this exposure enabled him to release more songs with one of his greatest achievements being the cover track for the Akas track, called ‘Run Jozi’ which received more than 45k plays on soundcloud.

Dizzy debuted his track Better Days on #FindingTheHype #101 Dizzy on The Hype on Good Hope FM which made number 2 on the GoodHopeFM Charts and on Bush Radio.  He also launched his Better Days Music Video on 7 July 2017.

His vision is to use his music as a vehicle to express his passion, portray life challenges, in an aim to bring about positive change.

His mission is to take people on relatable community life experiences through his music.  As a Cape Townian Hip Hop Artist he is committed to remain true to his identity, representing his city of birth whilst establishing his brand which will also include his unique fashion style and lifestyle.

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If you want to stay in touch with DIZZY you can catch him on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But stay tuned for more features of the hustle on The Bizniz Blog.