The Bizniz Hustle: LynnDana Africa


LynnDana Africa is an up-and-coming vocalist whose career seems promising. She auspiciously emerged into the underground with the release of her debut EP on 28 February 2019 titled The Journey. Her spellbinding good looks and magnetic personality make her stand out from the crowd and definitely worth celebrating. LynnDana, real name, Thobeka Lynnecoline Ndodana, who describes herself as an “all-round vocalist” admits although her introductory project is house music; she is willing to try afro soul or hip-hop in the future. In doing my bit to raise awareness of emerging talent, I sat down with the sultry songstress for our latest edition of the Bizniz Hustle.

Q: What inspired the name, LynnDana Africa?

A: Lynne Dana was created from my second and last names; Lynnecoline Ndodana. It was also inspired from the show Phineas and Ferb. I just thought it could be a nice name since it has some meaning attached to me. My son’s name is Jamaifrica so I just thought let me add the Africa since I’m also representing Africa.

Q: Do you have other talents besides music?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s a talent but I do a bit of [motivational] speaking. I think anyone who is a motivational speaker talks about things that they know to motivate people about something that they’ve experienced. I’m also a presenter who’s trying to get into the radio business.

Q: Would you say that your music inspires or helps people through their problems?

A: So far, yes. Because ‘The Journey’ is about love wars and love joys. So I would say yes. It would help someone who consciously listens to the message. I like to speak to people through music.

Q: Have you done any shows yet?

A: I do perform but I haven’t performed as much just yet, since this was my first drop. My last show was on the 10th December, in my area. It was just an acoustic vibe – like a live performance with a band. That was my last gig.

Q: How long have you been making music?

A: Officially, in terms of recording and everything, I started three years ago but music has always been a part of my life from a young age. So I’ve been singing since I was four and they [my parents] would tell me about an incident that happened while we were in Switzerland, where I was apparently dancing and singing on the table to a Shakira song that I liked

Q: That’s interesting. What were you doing in Switzerland?

A: My grandparents used to live in Switzerland cause my grandmother married a Swiss man. So that happened while we were there and got into the local newspaper. Apparently they kept a copy [of the newspaper] but it got lost in the mix-up of travelling because they travel a lot.

 Q: How does being an Aries help the creative process, if at all?

A: I don’t know… I recently started researching and trying to find out more about Zodiac signs and I’ve actually read a lot about Aries entertainers. There are quite a few of them that are creative and have achieved a lot. I really don’t know how it helps though.

Q: Who is your biggest musical influence?

A: I have quite a few, but right now I’m really inspired by Jill Scott and that’s the level where I’m aspiring to get to in terms of her writing… also Lauren Hill wasn’t much of an inspiration while growing up but I recently started listening to her music cause she is good. So right now, I’m at a place where I’m just listening to Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill, they’re the inspiration.

Q: Do you think it’s challenging to manoeuvre or make an impact in the industry?

A: Because I’ve just started, I wouldn’t say I’m challenged yet but I’m thinking in terms of bigger platforms and radio stations. Because I’m shooting my first music video very soon I’m thinking about how I’m going to get it on the music video channels. I had a discussion with some guys who have been having challenges in terms of money because we [artists] have to put in the money [ourselves]. I think that would be my biggest challenge. It takes a lot of money to get your work out there and I think the industry should support up-and-coming artists so that when you want them to play your music on the radio, you don’t have to bribe them. People just need to hear good music.

Q: Would you say that men are trash?

A: Not all men are trash. Some act like trash but some men are actually good – there are good men out there that are taking good care of women. My baby daddy has shown me the trashy side to men to a point where it became physically and emotionally abusive – it just became toxic. And that was especially unhealthy for our son. So, you know, some people just need to be cut off. I don’t think that all men are trash though. It’s only some men who decide to act or treat people like trash.

Q: Do you smoke weed?

A: Yes! I love weed. It helps my creative juices flow and it has been a part of my family ever since I was born. I think my parents were high when they made me.

Q: Are you spiritually inclined?

A: Yes. My spiritual gift requires me to pray a whole lot in order to activate the things that need to be activated with regards to the gift. So I just basically pray a lot. And apparently my career is all in my hands in terms of that. And if I don’t exercise it regularly then I’m not gonna go anywhere in life

Q: What is next for you?

A: Right now I’m just trying to perform as much as I can and then I’m shooting music videos for my EP cause its long overdue and I’ve been trying to get that together and now I think I’m getting a good team together.


Follow LynnDana’s journey on social media: @LynnDana Africa