The Bizniz Hustle: “QueenPin – Independent Capetown artist “

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The Bizniz Hustle, QueenPin, Music, Cape Town, Feature, South Africa, Artist, Local Music

Charin-robin Schuller Also Known as ‘QueenPin’, is an Independent Capetown artist. Born & raised on the Capeflat’s Charin was a very shy girl who always kept to herself and with that became a target of bullying, when she reached high school she told herself that she was going to change the situation and no longer be a target and started standing up for herself, in doing that she got involved with the wrong crowds and even dabbled in gangsterism until the age of 17 where she became a teenage mother & realized its not the way to go whilst raising an infant and in that time she had a passion for poetry and wrote her own poems, she was & still is a major fan of Tupac.

The whole idea of wanting to rap came about when ‘Charin’ sat with her brother & his friends while they all freestyled, always asking her to spit a few bars, she would always say no because she was self-conscious and afraid of being laughed at but in the meanwhile she would go home and listen to Tupac Shakur and get inspired, it’s then in 2016 that she downloaded a Tupac instrumental and wrote to it and that’s when she realized she can actually rap, Charin then started posting her lyrics on Facebook & that’s when she was discovered by another Facebook user who then invited her to a recording session at his brother’s studio & that was also her first recording session.
The Bizniz Hustle, QueenPin, Music, Cape Town, Feature, South Africa, Artist, Local Music
She then went on to join their group also known as ‘Kriminal Kontent’ & did a couple of performances but because she aspired for something greater she left and embarked on a journey of alot of ups & downs but never gave up.
On being solo she performed on various platforms such as :
3.MetroFm (Cyphers)

The biggest platform ‘QueenPin’ performed on to date was the ‘Gigi Gang Show’ in which Gigi Lamayne personally chose her, she also got recognize by an American artist/blogger who admires her unique rap style & swag & did a podcast interview about her. she will also be performing at this year’s Mitchells Plain Dstv festival which takes place from the 29Nov-1Dec 2019.
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