The Bizniz Hustle: “Richard Average – Freelance illustrator and creative”

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The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Richard Average, Illustrator, Creative, Director, Cape Town, South Africa
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TBZ: Tell us more about yourself?

  • Well Hi! My name is Richard Average I am an illustrator and all around creative from Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy street culture, music (especially hip hop but not exclusively) haha and I enjoy skateboarding, socialising, fashion and just being myself all the time, haha.

TBZ: What is it that Richard Average does?

  • Currently I am freelancing as a illustrator focusing on sneaker illustrations as well as many different styles of work. I illustrate for personal commissions as well as different companies and agencies. I love drawing so that is usually at the forefront of every single thing I do and I try to bring that together with all my work and try to stay true to what I represent and my view on the things I see and the things I enjoy.

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Richard Average, Illustrator, Creative, Director, Cape Town, South Africa

TBZ: Where are you currently in life and career?

  • Right now I’m freelancing full time! Getting my name out there and sharing my work with the world. I usually work from home and I am currently renting a nice little desk in Woodstock in a studio space where I create a lot of my work. I am literally I feel at the start of building everything and just laying the foundation to everything I am doing.

TBZ: Tell us more about your journey and where you come from?

  • Thus far I have had a pretty interesting journey I think, I didn’t have art in high school so I just drew in all of my classes, finished high school and then I went and studied graphic design at Ruth Prowse School Of Art. Learnt a lot of essential techniques and skills there and graduated in 2016 (top of my design class too by the way, even though I was going through a lot of crazy things in my life at the time.) I also then won the Creative Awards, Water Design poster competition that was held by Web Printer. After that I decided to give freelancing full time a shot, I was selected as one of the top young creatives in the country and had the opportunity to exhibit at the Artscape Theatre for the Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives Programme – (really cool experience) Then I did some small jobs here and there for different people but the work didn’t really get to where I needed it to be so the following year I got a job from a corporate company at TFG and I was their graphic designer for about a year. Learnt a lot and decided to bounce! Now I’m freelancing full time and pushing my vision! 🙂

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Richard Average, Illustrator, Creative, Director, Cape Town, South Africa

TBZ: What is the lifestyle of Richard Average?

  • Just being real, being me, living my life and having fun. I love meeting new people and getting out and traveling, something I think is essential for this job that I want to do.

TBZ: What is your source of inspiration and motivation?

  • I’m inspired by music, skateboarding, people and just this culture we are surrounded by. I tend to take inspiration from whatever and wherever and put that into my work. Thats why my work can sometimes seem all over the place but its really just because I enjoy it and everything I’m around inspires me. I’m inspired by a lot of different artists and illustrators within the beautiful city known as Cape Town.
  • My motivation is really just my family and how I want them to live a good life through what I’m doing. I honestly just wanna be the best illustrator this country has seen and I want my family to be well off. I want to inspire other kids of colour and I want them to realise they have all this potential and the world in their hands so they can achieve everything they put their mind to.

TBZ: Lastly, before we get going, any last things you want to chat about?

  • If there is one thing I would love to talk about it is mental health. I personally have very bad anxiety and do go through depressive episodes and I just think in the coloured community it is a subject that is not spoken about as often as it should be. I think the thing I have learnt not only creatively but personally is that we have to take care of ourselves and look after our mental health. I decided to make conscious efforts to improving my mental health because if I don’t I cannot create and I can’t do what I love, so I think with this feature I just wanted to let the people know that you are the most important part of everything thats going on around you, and that it is essential that you look after yourself and allow yourself to take care of your mental health. Pursue your passion and have fun and live life but most importantly, take care of yourself and focus on the blessings that you have.

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Richard Average, Illustrator, Creative, Director, Cape Town, South Africa

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