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From a simple love of poetry and dancing to a radio personality and contestant for a major Hip-Hop show, scaling dizzy heights is what runs in the veins of

“I am inspired by so many different things, people, images, sunsets, raindrops. I am inspired by the realness of life and just being. That motivates me every day, waking up knowing that I have a gift and ability to inspire somebody else through doing what I love. I’m motivated by the fact that I had the courage to abandon the corporate world and follow my dream of becoming a music icon; and I haven’t looked back.
Of course the idea of living a bougie lifestyle is also a motivation (lol) but ultimately all I want is to be happy, no matter the stage of the journey.

I haven’t been doing music all my life, it kind of just happened to me, I spent most of my time dancing, writing poems, painting and radio.
Once I started adding a beat to the poetry, magic happened and my love for music came full circle.
So far I’m most proud of making it into The top 14 on The Hustle Season 2. The experience was one that I needed and am grateful for because it pushed me right into the “limelight” and gave me somewhat of an idea what I was in for. Little did I know, after the show was when the real hustle would begin.

The Bizniz Hustle, Robin Wright, Phoenix, Feature, Artist, Hip Hop, Music, Phoenix

I am currently working on a project which will explore different genres and real subject matter. It will be a journey of me finding myself, my sound; the listener getting to know me while i get to know myself. I want to be my regular bougie ghetto coloured self, unapologetically, and present that to the world.

Robin Wright (24) who goes by Phoenix is a creative artist with a love for Music, Fashion and Visual Art. She has a passion for Youth Development, ploughing back into the community with Art Education. Phoenix also joins forces with the Abnormal Talent movement.

Abnormal Talent is a talent management and development agency which strives to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent.

The rapper is a free spirited young woman who harbours many talents, she journeyed through the last couple of years developing her skills in all creative sectors.

Phoenix discovered a love for Radio and pursued this dream in 2012 doing a Hip Hop show called Cypher at her community radio station, Eldos FM.

In April 2015, her hard work was recognized after being accepted into Yfm’s Y Academy internship programme for a Certificate in Broadcasting. She also formed part of the Y Academy’s first ever reality TV show, Y-Face of Radio: Ground Zero, reaching the top 4. The reality show aired from March 2016 on ovHD eKasi+.

After years of writing poetry and spoken word as well as the influence from hosting a Hip Hip show, Phoenix decided to let her voice be heard in music and began experimenting with writing songs.
Early 2015 She formed part of a Hip Hop group called KLRD as the female rapper and Their first single reached 65K views on Facebook, dubbing Phoenix the “Bushierap Queen”.

This year she achieved her biggest accolade so far, when she was selected to be part of The Hustle Season 2 on VuzuAmp. making it to the top 14 of the competition. The competition was quite a challenge and a beautiful journey, Being one of two females in the male dominated industry chosen to represent. The show gave the viewer an understanding of what it is like on the come up in the music industry.
she released a single titled “still” which speaks about the come up and not having much but making the most out of it, still being victorious no matter what you have. “Nixes to the negatives” is a motto she stands by which simply means all negatives bounce off me.

The Bizniz Hustle, Robin Wright, Phoenix, Feature, Artist, Hip Hop, Music, Phoenix

Phoenix is currently working on a project which would explore different genres and real subject matter. She has a sound that is truly South African with the potential to be a big international star.

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