The Underrated – ET The Alien ”Lord Xan”

The Underrated Series

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As part of the original Phuza Thursday mix which we featured up and coming Disc-Jockeys, we have now decided to change things up abit and introduce something new and fresh. The next complete of weeks we will showcase and be the platform for all the underrated and upcoming Hip Hop artists and rappers. The week we feature ”ET The Alien”

The artist known as ET, Lord Xan(The holy Xanneth), TAXAN, NAHWEA and known by many other names believes each name describes a different part that embodies the young lyricist.

Birthed by the mother city Cape Town but brought up in the city of gold  Johannesburg, wants to change the set standards and ideology of good hip hop and music in general, redefine rhythm and poetry and cause extinction to these so called rappers. Part of the group called Indigoat Clan, ET and his peers want to run the city “straight up and down”. Soon to drop a Tape with fellow Indigoat Clan members Called a project by Indigoat clan. Stay in tune to the frequency.

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