Trendy: K-Nine Die Hond For Justice


This week trending topic on Facebook was about Marshelino Rossouw aka K-Nine Die Hond being beaten and gun pointed by the police. From what we gathered from other online publications is that K-Nine Die Hond was not guilty of anything and still the police went on to do whatever they felt was the right thing to do. Police brutality has been the norm for years especially here in South Africa and the government is doing absolutely nothing about it.

K-Nine Die Hond is a hip hop/rap artist well known for his song ”You Ain’t Shhh”. He went onto Facebook to speak about the brutality he faced, the video he uploaded has about 162 thousand views. A round of applause to K-Nine Die Hond for being brave enough to speak about this incident.As we celebrate Youth Day on June 16 we ought to celebrate our freedom and access to certain rights as young people but we are not free. We are still oppressed,our voices are not heard and our rights are being violated especially with the police.

Sources have reported that K-Nine Die Hond is currently in the studio recording an upcoming single which speaks about police brutality in the communities of South Africa. If that’s true we can’t wait to hear the song. PS he should start a non-profit organization that helps young people to deal with Post Traumatic Stress from police brutality #justsaying. In case you haven’t heard his music,click on the link below.