True Detective Season 3 Rumours

True Detective Season 3 may still be a thing!


True Detective Season 1 was a massive hit. That is what happens when you combine stars like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, including Brilliant Writer Nic Pizzolatto and Director Cary Fukunaga.


So, for Season 2, they hired Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls, Sherlock Holmes), Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers) and Colin Farrell (The Lobster). They tried to repeat that success. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It fell short for many critics, almost going as far as to call it boring.

Many thought this Anthology series was dead, but rumours keep coming up about a possible Season 3. Emmy Award Winner Mahershala Ali (House of Cards, Moonlight) has apparently received the main role; a state police detective solving a crime in the Ozarks. There is supposedly 3 different time periods and the mystery runs deep.


The writer is the same, Nic Pizollatto. HBO President Michael Lombardo has said recently that if Nic is on board, they will definitely make a Season 3. He also said that Season 2 was not as bad as everyone thinks, saying that all the critics should watch it all the way through. He also handed out a figure; 12 million. The amount of viewers for the series finale. That is an impressive number. No wonder he would not mind a third season of True Detective.

More rumours have also stated that McConaughey and Harrelson will remain Executive Producers of True Detective. As a fan of the show’s first season, I really do hope a third season is made. But the season has to be stellar.

HBO is known for their Drama shows. They are the same company behind Game of Thrones (which has been voted by Rotten Tomatoes viewers as the best show in the past twenty years), The Wire and The Sopranos. However, they have been producing a high amount of Comedies in recent years. Veep, Silicon Valley and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are a few that are currently still airing. All three comedies have been Emmy nominated this year, with Veep and Last Week Tonight winning their categories.


Article Written By Uwais Khan (Twitter, Insta)