Underground Scoop: King Sox Brings The Heat


Cape Town has many underground artists when it comes to music particularly the hip hop genre. Hip Hop is very popular among the youth cause its surrounded by fashion,street style and relevance. Let’s talk about relevance. As an underground artist you have to stay on top for you to be known in the streets and it depends on how creative you are right? I take it as an yes so I did my research about the underground hip hop scene in Cape Town and this is what I found.

Soyama Penelope Mbeshu  aka King Sox is a hip hop artist who started doing music when he was only 9 years old,he fell in love with hip hop music when he accompanied his former music artist brother at his shows for over 3 years.His music is inspired by the way he grew up,what’s happening now and a whole of imagination. We have heard who this underground artist is and where he come from right? Let me talk about why he’s bringing the heat to the Cape Town Hip Hop scene.

He grew up in Paarl in the area of Mbekweni,pretty much we consider it as ekasi. He released a single titled Blunt Breakfast which got so much attention and which is why we are writing about him today. He performed at the Summer Trap Night in front of hundreds of young people,the festival is considered to be the best festival in the Paarl area which is obviously a big deal and he recently performed on Cape Town Television. His energetic  performance brings him to the top of the list. Apart from all this, his rap chants are very mellow and easy to listen to which is why we fell in love with his music. King Sox is bringing the heat in terms of his vocal ability which is different to everyone else and the way he jumps from being a calm person to being a force on the stage is indescribable. You can listen to his singles on all music social platforms and let us know what you think.

A lot of people have been appreciating his music though it needs to be improved in terms of quality. We are sure he’s improving. Currently he’s in the studio making his Debut EP and we can’t wait. This is our daily dose of what’s happening underground in terms of music and all. See you on the next page as we discover these underground artists.