What To Wear During South African Menswear Week


South African Menswear Week which takes place twice a year in Cape Town is happening again this coming Saturday 06 July 2019. A lot of influencers, fashionistas, celebrities will be out looking glam and stylish for the fashion show. A lot of people always get confused on what to wear at the fashion show but don’t worry I’m here to give you a guideline even if it’s your ”first time” attending the show or you have been there for couple of years.South African Menswear Week is Africa’s only stand-alone platform dedicated to the development and promotion of menswear within the African continent. SAMW aims to provide a world-class platform for menswear designers and brands to showcase.I have narrowed down four styles that are always popular at the fashion show.

The Celebrity Style 

If you are looking to make an impression with the crowd, photographers and bloggers then this look its definitely for you. Usually celebrities go for those upscale brands like Levis, Zara and Edgars or local brands like Attoh Tetteh,Issa Leo, Unknown Union . But you can make your own style with what you have in your wardrobe or rather do a quick shopping. For this look you will need plain t-shirt, summer shirt, zip up jacket, jeans or sport luxe pants then add colourful sneakers. For that glam look, add a pair of sunglasses.

Atto Tetteh (Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

The Fashionista Style

This style is for those die hards for everything fashion. You can mix this style with a lot of colourful pieces but you have to be clever about it cause you don’t want to go gaga with it. You have to be keep it sleek and clean. A little bit overboard is allowed though. You will need to wear casual pants/shorts, shirt or maybe opt for a oversized shirt. You can either wear sneakers, loafers or sandals depending on the kind of stuff you have on. For that fashionista vibe, add an oversized man bag to have your accessories on the go.

Throwaway Twenty (Larry English Photography)

 The Street Style

This one is my favourite style and the safest ever. For this style you have to go overboard in whatever way which works for you. You can pair up graphic t-shirt/ shirt with ripped jeans,sweatpants or you can opt for a long sleeve t-shirt with some flashy details on it. Make sure you make this style a little bit popping with bright colours for that edgy kinda look. To make it look original, you can add chains or rings. Go ahead and be the next Jaden Smith at the fashion show.

Red Thread (Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

The Hippie Style

This style is very laid back and you don’t need a lot of clothing to pull this off. A little bit vintage feel to it can be added as well like corduroy jeans or jacket. You can either have a pair of chunky chinos paired up with a smart shirt or oversized light weight jersey/turtleneck. To add a little bit of dramatic Beatles to the look, you can add a tot bag or pair of badges to your shirt or jersey. You can as well pair the look with some vans or converse sneakers.

Chulaap (Kim vanZyl / Photographix)

Supporting our local brands is important. So if you don’t find anything to wear in your wardrobe. Better do a quick shopping from our local brands. You will surely make an impression. With that being said,I will see you at the fashion show. For more info click here