Where is my Tinder-ella?

Does Tinder really have the one or is just another scam?


For a society that has become insanely tech-centred, it is not surprising that we’ve dawned on the age of digital dating. It may be the nudge the introverted needed or the chance at getting back out there for those with bad luck in the relationship department. With apps like Tinder, Grindr and Badoo, users are the given the opportunity to pick their ideal partner, based on their bio or pictures.



Tinder users admitted that experiences have been great, having to meet new people and make meaningful relationships. Most of them admitted to being on Tinder for casual hookups, exclusive or not. That would be great if it were mutual but that’s not always the case and what about the person who’s actually looking for a meaningful relationship? Assuming that everyone on Tinder is there for “the lols”, as the cool kids are calling it these days, are we then admonishing the idea of finding someone to spend your life with? Maybe, maybe not, but this habit is one that was sparked up way before Tinder was a thought. Perhaps Tinder is just the catalyst to the already existing reaction.


Hook ups might be the least of our virtual dating problems, with catfishing and being roofied (date rape) topping the charts. Let’s be honest; if there’s a person with pictures looking like an Adonis, they’re totally a catfish, and you in your infatuated little phase might decide on meeting this person. When you get there it’s someone completely different or they stand you up. The humiliation, the despair, the trauma, *sighs deeply*.


In complete contrast to being catfished, you meet a person who looks like their Tinder pictures and sounds like the person you spoke but as the night kicks, a drink later everything becomes hazy, next thing you know you’re naked to someone you met less than a day ago. As with any other virtual platform, the person on the other side of the screen could be a complete psycho preying on their next victim, but that of course would be the worst case scenario.


Relax though, it’s not all that bad. Depending on your reasons for being on a dating app, you could have the time of your life. Meet new people, network and maybe, as some have admitted, find your life long partner. So if your love life isn’t in full swing right now, maybe a dating app will help you find your feet.


-Megan Govender

@megan_the_sauce (IG)