Woman of The Month with Luyanda Madonia

If I lived to be 100 years old I would… Hope my family and friends throw me a massive party! – Luyanda Madonia; Fashion Marketer and CEO of Revolt Clothing

Woman of The Month, Luyanda Madonia, Revolt Clothing, Fashion, South Africa, Art, Business, Johannesburg, Lifestyle, Online Shopping

It’s Women’s Month and we put our focus on Pennslyvania born fashion entrepreneur Luyanda Madonia. A dance graduate from the National School of Arts (Johannesburg), Luyanda has always had an inclination towards the entertainment industry from a tender age. Her fashion sense has influences that cross international borders and this reflects in her clothing line as an incorporation of the vibrant Los Angeles culture and the African cosmopolitan flavour. She shares her journey with us on breaking into the fashion industry as a young South African woman.

  1. Describe Luyanda Madonia and what has contributed to who you are today.

Luyanda is a black, African woman, trying to take over the world of fashion! Everything that happens in my life at every day contributes to who I am this very second.


  1. How did you get into the fashion industry?

I went to the Art Institute of California – Hollywood and obtained a degree in Fashion Marketing. My profession is Social Media Marketing Specialist for boutique brands, so I started there. Now I have my hands in many different pots in fashion.


  1. When did you start your clothing label and what makes it unique?

I started my label August 2015 in my little apartment in Los Angeles, but it solely operated in South Africa


  1. How would you describe your clothing brand and what type of people tend to buy your products?

It is unique because it brings the global fashion to the hungry fashionistas of South Africa. It is edgy and made for the women who uses fashion to express their daily mood. Plus, it’s online which is pretty dope.


  1. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in establishing your brand in the fashion industry?

Particularly in South Africa data charges is a HUGE issue for my brand since it is based online. Not everyone can surf the net for items all night because data is just way to expensive, so it slows down the learning curve of buying online.


  1. Share tips to aspiring young entrepreneurs on getting their product into the market.

JUST DO IT! I think the issue is people being scared and wondering about money, or security etc. JUST DO IT!


  1. What do you plan to do in order to expand your brand?

I plan to have a Pop Up tour around major metropolitan cities in South Africa. Create an app for easier shopping online. Expand to quirky home goods and accessories.


  1. What fuels your passion and motivation for life and business?

Well I have to eat and pay bills so I better get up every morning and work. I don’t have the luxury of security and a monthly paying job with benefits sooo… But when I get texts or social media mentions from happy customers beaming in confidence wearing my clothes is pretty motivational.

Woman of The Month, Luyanda Madonia, Revolt Clothing, Fashion, South Africa, Art, Business, Johannesburg, Lifestyle, Online Shopping

  1. Nickname

I have many but Lulu or Lu is common


  1. Pet peeve

Fake people, and people pleasers


  1. Favourite superhero

My mother


  1. One regret

Not practising the art of saving money at an early age.


  1. Secret desire

To be a performing artist, mainly singing; could be a pop star, rock star or broadway. PS I cannot sing.

If you have a passion for something, these are words to live by, “Just Do It”, throw caution to the wind, who knows you could be the next best thing!

Wanna feed the fashion rebel in you? Head on to the Revolt Clothing online store and quench your hunger for edgy and stylish apparel.

To connect with Luyanda Madonia and Revolt Clothing, use the following platforms:

Website: www.luyandamadonia.com / www.revoltclothing.net

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/silverwears/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/betherevolt/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/betherevolt

By: Pascaline Molepo