Youth Day: Young,Bold and Black


    We all love a day off work and school, but even more important than planning a long weekend is remembering why June 16 is a public holiday in the first place. Youth Day it’s a national day of remembrance for all the brave students and young citizens who took part in the Soweto Uprising protests but that’s not what we are here for today.

    We are here to appreciate organizations that are empowering young people to be the best versions of themselves. Young creative entrepreneur Vuyo Joboda founded a platform for young black people to be appreciated and celebrated.Young,Bold and Black is a celebration of young people who are striving in their respective industries and who are unapologetic about making their dreams a reality. The platform which was started in 2018 in Cape town has seen young successful people like Sazi Manzi, Siyavuya Dondolo, Vuyo Sokenyela,Kuhle Ntshono, Zenzo Chakara and to name a few being celebrated for being the best in their spheres of influence and communities. The platform which is growing and recently launched in Johannesburg has seen young black people coming together,appreciating one another, building better communities and providing solutions, information to some of the pressing issues in different aspects of life.

    Vuyo Joboda is also a tv/radio presenter who is currently hosting a show on Cape Town Tv says that ”the platform is a need for young black people to realise that dreaming is not only in your mind but it’s something that is meant to come alive and we need to appreciate that by celebrating those who made it possible to live out their dreams.”

    As we celebrate Youth Day please remember to appreciate one another and always live out your dreams. For more information about the organisation please their instagram page.